Day trip fishing in Iceland- Fossá river trout and salmon fishing

Fossá river, the river of the waterfalls. (Foss in Icelandic means waterfall).

The Fossa River offers 16 km of incredible fly fishing water and fantastic scenery  while you are fishing. The river is divided into 2 beats with 2 rods on each beat. Salmon fishing in Fossa offers you  2 km of private water. The salmon beat is an amazing late season river with big salmon the majority which are over 74cms. The trout beat offers a new challenge in every corner as the  fishing pressure has always been light as the river has never been marketed to overseas anglers.

Facts about Fossa:
Catch and release river.
September is the prime month for the salmon. Trout can be caught all season.
Location: 120 km from Reykjavik.
Accommodation: No lodge. Plenty of accommodation can be found a short distance from the river.
Gear: salmon beat small double hand rods will do the job as well as  single hand rods. Trout 4 to 6 weighted lines.
You can also visit the second highest waterfall (over 125 m) in Iceland which is in Fossa Haifoss.



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