Fly fishing in Iceland- lake Thingvellir home of very big trout

Lake Thingvellir is the second biggest lake in Iceland and reaches 114m at it´s deepest point. The brown trout that live in Lake Thingvellir can reach an incredible size. Records show that it was not uncommon to catch 20-30 pound brown trout. There was setback to fishing when the  Steingrímsstod hydroelectic plant was bulit 1959 at the southern end of the lake which impacted on the brown trout population in the the lake. But the lake is starting to regain its reputation as the lake with "THE KING" trout now being caught quite regularly. The population of the trout has increased steadily in the past few years, thanks to on going support from the Icelandic Government. Thingvellir is becoming known as the lake containing monster trout or trophy trout in Iceland. There is every change that if you are fishing in this lake that you will catch the largest fish of your life. Brown trout up to 17.5 kg have been caught in the lake in the past few years and rumors that there are even bigger fish. Fishing in Lake Thingvellir last year was very good with a  few fish around 15 kg being caught. There were several even many fish larger than 9 kg trout being caught even though I know that many anglers won´t talk about their catch and where they have caught them.

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