Laxá in Adaldalur- Queen of Icelandic rivers

Laxá in Aaldalur (Big Laxá) is a great and beautiful river in the north of Iceland. It has a reputation as having the biggest fish of any river in Iceland. Laxá contains some of the biggest and strongest salmon in Iceland with a weight of up to 25-30 pounds (12 to 15kgs). Laxá also contains many great brown trout and sea trout. This is a great river for fishing with double handed rods but one handed rods can also be used depending on the angler's preference.

Laxá has lots of fast flowing water with 20 and 30 pound salmon ready for the keen angler to catch. Laxá is a 'catch and release' river.

Season: 20th of July - 20th of September

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