12/11 2018

We have started to book fishing license  for 2019 in East Rangá river ( June )  and Fossá river.  Season was quite good with some very big fish caught. 


1.05 2017.

We have had a great start on the season, some big trout have been caught  in West Ranga river and Lake Thingvellir. Trout over 8 kg have been caught on the trout beat in West Rangá. 

23/1 2017

East Rangá river is almost sold out for 2017, we only have 5 rods left. So next year you have to be early to book your spot. We have Prime time left in Laugardalsá 24-27 July, high tide 24th. :-) If you are looking for some sea trout fishing then we have some rods in Tungulækur and Tungufljót.

More infos at

10/1 2017

World class Fly fishing in Iceland, join us next summer for a great time salmon and trout fishing in Iceland. 

Flights are cheap, fishing is good.

We have some rods available in East Rangá June 22. to 30. Fossá í September prime time and few days salmon fishing in Laugardalsá  5-7 August and 4-6 September.

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08.01 2017

Happy new fishing season, Fly Fishing in Iceland has rented East rangá river one of Iceland best salmon rivers. We have the exclusive right to the river in June. Last season was outstanding good around 650 salmon caught in June. 

We have started to book for next year. 

More info´s at 

15/10 2016. Salmon fishing in Iceland

The salmon beat in Fossá river had record year over 200 salmon landed in the river and many big salmon where landed. ( 100 cm, 96 cm around 15 other salmon caught from 90 to 95 cm.) September was the best month but August was also very good this year. 


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10/10 2016 Trout fishing in Iceland.

We have started to book on the trout beat in Fossá river. The season was quite good around 350 trout where caught in the season and the biggest one was about 4,5 kg caught on the lower part of the river. 

Happy angler with a beautiful trout under Háifoss waterfall, perhaps the the most unique fishing pool in Iceland. 


Nice salmon was caught in Fossá river today,92 cm male fish.

Fossa river is a late season river and already we have seen few salmo around in the river. 

West Rangá river trout beat has been very good in July, one anger caught 10 trout in half a day and one huge 12-13 pounds. 

We have some prime time left in Fossá river in September. More info´s at

7/5 2016

Good start of the season in West Ranga trout beat and stunning stream Galtalaekur. Some nice trout have been caught in the rivers. We are still waiting for somebody to catch the monster that have been seen in Galtalaekur, ( around 6 kg) Fish have broken free few times. :-) 

Picture on left Harfn with some nice trout from Galtalækur

and Gudmundur Atli with some nice trout from West Ranga trout beat. 

11/1 2016

Fly Fishing in Iceland has two more rivers for next season. 

The Galtalækur stream, that is famous for the big brown trout and West Ranga river trout beat where you can find trout up 7 kg. 

The ultimate trout combo in South of Iceland is Fossá river, Galtalækur and West Rangá river , more info´s at

15/11 2015.

Fly fishing in Iceland team in Desember issue in Trout and Salmon. You can read the articel under Media/Laugardalsá. 

We only have few days left in the river Laugardalsá, salmon fishing there was fantastic last year over 500 salmon caught on average 2,5 rods per day. 

11/9 2015.

Salmon fishing in Iceland best river in the Westfjords has caught salmon number 500 this season on only 2-3 rods per day. The river is full of salmon and about 70% of the salmon have been put back into the river, good evolution from recent years when all the salmon where killed. Most of the salmon are caught on micro flies or hitch flies ( down to hook size 18).

We have started to book for the salmon season 2016.  More info´s at or my phone 00354 8446900 

Gudmundur Atli

25/8 2015

We have had a good season 2015 our team Fly fishing in Iceland and clients have some great memmories both experience anglers and young beginers. From age 7 up  87  and every body catching a salmon :-)  

Salmon fishing in Iceland is very good at the moment, West Ranga has caught almost 5000 salmon already and our small cosy river Laugardalsá is getting close to 450 salmon. 

19.08 2015

Salmon fishing in Iceland has been very very good this year and we are having a outstanding season in River Laugardalsá, the river has caught arpund 400 salmon so far and we are hoping that ww will have over 500 salmon caught. :-)

The first salmon was caught in Fossá Yesterday 80cm long female, looks like the salmon are arriving earlier this year than the year before.

29/5 2015

Good start on the trout beat on Fossá river and we caught several trout up to 59 cm long. Water level was quite high but we saw fish in every pool that we went to.  ( pictures of the trout are from 2014). Streamers where doing the job in the cold and high water.  

25/5 2015

Big trout caught in Iceland 19th of May, the monster was 96 cm long and almost 11 kg in weight.  Fishing in the lake has been difficult because of the cold spring, but fishing is picking up and we are hoping for some very good fishing in the next few days. 


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