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Mackenzie fly rods and lines. 

After desiging two of the best selling award winning renges of the 21st century, most tackle companies would have ben happy with this. But at Mackenzies we wanted to make the new Atlas and G2 rods even better and the quality and performance of these new rods certainly prove this. We are continuingly improving and pushing the boundaries of  tackle development and aiming to design and manufacture the best rods in the market today. The Mackenzie brand is now seen by many as a world leader in tackle development. 

The new range has a taper design and lighter blank with the new blank flexes further down than the orginal DTX Spey rods. This new design loads deeper down the rod than before, allowing the caster more time to feel the rod load allowing smoother application of power when casting. The blank recovers failrly quickly so you have a rod that is easy to use and cast effortlessy  but still retain an extra reserve of power when needed.

This gives you the prefect rod for the modern day angler.

Not only has the new range an outstanding action it also comes with a range of Spey lines that load and balance the rod perfectly.

Prices range  from 595 pounds to 725 pounds. 

Please contact: or call 00354 8446900



Har eyewear is handmade in Iceland out of wood glued together. These are all personalised and not mass produced. We only use the finest material.

These glasses are  made  professionally with ultimate craftmanship for such unique eyewear.


Icelandic tailor made shirt made for  in Iceland.

A  Fly fishing in Iceland  fishing shirt will be marketed soon. 

More information at

We sell special flies for fishing for salmon in Iceland. We have a wide range of small flies, tubes and hitch flies. 

We have a large selection of flies for trout fishing. 

Our exclusive and unique flies cannot be bought in shops. We don´t provide any photographs of them on the internet. 

If you want a range of specially selected flies chosen by us then contact :

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