Tungufljót river- the river with the biggest sea trout in Iceland

Tungufljót is one of Iceland´s premier sea trout rivers and produces sea trout similar size to Argentina, the river is an exclusive four rod river and flows south throught a pair of canyons so narrow that at piont you can almost jump across, before finally widerning into pools at Bjarnarfoss, below the the waterfall the river bed is mostly gravel, punctuated by the odd boulder making perfect lies for sea trout and salmon. Lower down the river widens into great fly water where you can fish both sides of the river. Tungufljót offers fantastic sea trout fishing and producing some of Iceland lagerst sea trout up to 20 pounds. 

The river comes with a nice self catering lodge.

Prime time is early September to the end the season on the 20 of October.

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