West Rangá river - trout beat  NEW for 2016 

West Rangá river is located south of Iceland is just over 1 hour drive from Reykjavik. The trout beat  on the West Rangá river has over 30 km of trout water to explore and the fishing there is quite a challenging brown trout fishing.

It´s an easy waded river and has classic riffle pool, run or big pools that fisherman know that keep huge trout. In the upper part some large browns have been caught. 

The river is C&R river for several years now so the trout population has been growing also the size of the trout got bigger. West Ranga is hardly a river where you can expect to catch many trout but there you can catch trout of your life. There are few fishermen that catch up to 10 trout a day but average catch is from 1 up to 4  a day. 

Ideal is to stay at the new West Ranga lodge that was presently being built 2015.


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