West Rangá - river of many salmon

West Rangá River is one of the most attractive salmon rivers in Iceland. The natural surroundings, adjacent to the Hella area which has spectacular volcanos and amazing glaciers. The river itself is a dramatic combination of gravel-flats with waterfalls and small gorges. The West Ranga River has a good variety of pools that hold many fish. the West Rangá offers a fishing experience that is sure to please any angler. With sixteen rods that fish over 13 kilometers of river there is enough space for all anglers to move freely around. The West Ranga River is famous for the highest number of  salmon being caught in a season in all of the rivers in Iceland. The river is divided into four beats and has four rods on each beat.                                                                                                                                                                     

Facts about West Rangá: 

The season is from the  26th of June till 30th of October each year.

Late July and early August is the prime month for fly fishing for salmon.
Location: 110 km from Reykjavik.
Accommodation: The fishing lodge provides exclusive dining and accommodation .
Gear:  Double hand rods fom 12 foot to 14 feet, 


More details are included in the April edition of "Trout and Salmon Magazine" - PDF included

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